Lash and brow services

Lash and brow services

Lash and brow services such as lash tint and lift enhance the natural beauty of eyelashes by darkening and curling them for a more defined look. Brow lamination helps shape and set the eyebrows in place, giving them a fuller appearance and a more polished finish.

  • Lash lift & tint $75
  • Brow lamination & tint $75
  • Lash & brow tint $30

Eyelash extensions

Lash extensions offer the possibility of customizing length, curl, and thickness to create a unique and personalized look that enhances the eyes without the need for mascara.

Price for the set:

  • Classic $100
  • Hybrid $ 115
  • Volume $ 130
  • Mega volume $ 150

Price for fills

  • Hybrid fill $ 70
  • Classic fill $ 60
  • Volume fill $ 80
  • Mega volume fill $ 90

LED eyelash extensions

 UV LED lash extensions are a revolutionary beauty treatment. UV LED lash extensions are a modern innovation known for their water-resistant properties, making them durable and ideal for long-lasting wear, offering a safer and more comfortable option for those with sensitive eyes or skin.

Price for sets

  • Classic $ 125
  • Hybrid $ 135
  • Volume $ 150
  • Mega volume $ 180


Price for fills

  •  Classic fill $ 75
  • Hybrid fill $ 85
  • Volume fill $ 95
  • Mega volume fill $ 110

Lash add ons

Lash add-ons such as lash shampooing help maintain the cleanliness and health of eyelashes, while lash removal offers a safe way to remove extensions without damaging natural lashes. Coloured lashes provide a fun and vibrant option for those looking to add a pop of colour to their lash look, and lash gems offer a dazzling and playful embellishment to enhance the overall eye-catching effect.

  • Lash removal $30
  • Lash shampoo$30
  • Coloured lashes $10
  • Gems $10
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