PMU eyeliner

Permanent makeup eyeliner services involve tattooing a semi-permanent cosmetic pigment along the lash line to create a defined and long-lasting eyeliner look that requires minimal maintenance.

– PMU eyeliner $200
– PMU eyeliner refresher $100
– PMU eyeliner 4 week touch up $free

PMU lip

Permanent makeup lip service involves tattooing a pigment into the lips to enhance their shape, color, and definition, providing a long-lasting solution for a fuller and more vibrant lip appearance. This cosmetic procedure can help achieve the desired lip color and shape while reducing the need for constant reapplication of traditional lipstick.

– PMU lip blush $300
– PMU lip refresher $150
– PMU lip Color correction $150
– PMU lip 4 week touch up $free

PMU brows

PMU brow services, also known as microblading or microshading, involve meticulously tattooing semi permanent pigment onto the eyebrows. This procedure offers a tailored approach to eyebrow shaping, filling in gaps, and adding natural-looking fullness for a flawless and long-lasting brow appearance.

– PMU blade and shade combo $ 400
– PMU microshading $300
– PMU microblading $300
– PMU brow touch up $150
– PMU Color correction $150
– PMU 4 week touch up $free
– PMU freckles $150

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